Quarter-age crisis

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Quarter-age crisis
I talked to one of my students today who appears to be going through the quarter-age crisis. This form of depression is very similar to the middle-age crisis, except it happens when one is around age 25. The person is usually sad, emotional and very critical of him/herself.

It is usually brought on around this time because the person has been out of college for a few years. Some people may evaluate their life for successes and failures. While others begin to measure their successes by the yardstick of someone ele. Material success is often an issue as well as unresolved childhood issues such as abuse or sibling rivalry. I was lonely and an overachiever who always felt I should be doing more!

The best way to get over the quarter-age crisis is to get professional help. Students can usually get free help at a counseling center on campus. People who are members of a church, can often seek counseling there as well. People from a low-income bracket can often get counseling at a reduced rate by checking on-line for such services.

I went through my quarter-age crisis around age 25. I was unsatisfied living in a small town and not being as successful as I thought I should be at that age. I felt old…If I had only known then what I know now!
At the time, my counselor suggested that I become involved in some activities that would take my mind of “me.” I joined some organizations and volunteered at my daughter’s school. In the process, I made some life-long friends and developed some great relationships. Eventually, I forgot about my concerns and really begin to love the my small-town life. Before I knew it, the months turned into years, and now I love it here.
I learned a valuable lesson from that period in my life: life is what you make of it. It doesn’t matter where you live or your material wealth, happiness comes from relationships and reaching out to others. I have lived that way for the last 15 years, and my life is much better!

Have any of you suffered this crisis? If so, how did you cope with it?

  1. I suffered the Quarter-age crisis. I coped, and solved it via suicide. I'm waaaay better now. 😀

  2. Being away from home for a while, I always have to keep up with my mental state. I don't think it's a phase that comes and goes. We have to be constantly aware of our mental process. This is where having a good circle of friends comes handy. I am very blessed to have awesome friends who stop everything for me and listen to me. And yes, I went through this phase much earlier and no it wasn't fun. I learned that no one else but me will be responsible for my choices and actions so I may make the ones that are right and it's okay if I don't have everything figure out this year or next year. I must enjoy my life an hour at the time. I learned that my family, friends matter more than my degree, the amount of money in my bank account…Money comes and goes and as much as we need it, it doesn't determine who I am. My joy is withing me (in Christ) and as long as I've it alive (think of a flame burning), I'll be okay.

  3. aimhigh3 says:

    Sounds like you are very wise Jessica! That is the best way to cope with the ups and downs of life!

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