Minorities & Women in the Mass Media Trivia Quiz

Posted: September 25, 2011 in discourse analysis, media stereotypes of native americans, media studies, mia moody
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Minorities & Women in the Mass Media Trivia Quiz

  1. What is the name of the largest Black-owned advertising agency in the United States?
    1. Done Coleman Agency, Michigan
    2. UniWorld Group, New York
    3. Burrell Communications, Chicago
    4. Spike Lee DDB, New York
  2. What is the No. 1 cable station among Hispanics?
    1. Univision
    2. BET
    3. TV Land
  3. What Spanish-language magazine was launched by Essence Communications?
    1. Hispanics Today
    2. Latina
    3. Hola
    4. Vida Loca
  4. Who is the Founder of Radio One?
    1. Lisa Leslie
    2. Teena Marie
    3. Cathy Hughes
    4. Oprah
  5. What is the oldest Black daily in the United States?
    1. Atlanta Daily World
    2. Black Press Magazine
    3. Chicago Defender
    4. Amsterdam News
    5. U.S. newspaper editors have always felt it inappropriate to use the term, “Japs,” to identify Japanese people? A. True            b. False
  6. “La Opinion” is the name of a ______________________
    1. Newspaper
    2. movie
    3. TV show
  7. “Julia” was the title of a sitcom that featured:
    1. an African American woman as a maid
    2. African American woman as a nurse
    3. African American woman as a diesel mechanic
  8. According to the Associated Press Stylebook, it is acceptable to refer to a “gay, homosexual or alternative ‘lifestyle?’” a. true                      b. false
  9. The “spiral of silence” theory suggests that people with divergent views may be less likely to voice disagreement with the prevailing point of view. T or F
  10. . Most critics agree that the media no longer offer inaccurate portrayals of women. T or F
  11. Within the framing body of work, history has shown that socioeconomic status, race and education do not make a difference in how reporters frame certain issues. T or F
  12. Previous studies have found that frames manifest themselves in a reporter’s selection of sources and quotes. T or F

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