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The Baylor University Black History Month Panel Discussion held last night was well received by participants. It was led by Paige Walker, a Graduate Apprentice for the Department of Multicultural Affairs, Baylor University. Panelists were:  Shelton Lewis, Lori Genous; James SoRelle and me. Also in attendence was Dr. Liz Palacios, dean for student development.

Paige prepared an interesting and relevent list of questions, which included a discussion on racial profiling, interracial dating and media portrayals. About 60 people attended the event. Attendee, Jay Hicks, director of New Media at CBS affiliate News 10 KWTX, discussed the importance of today’s youth having an entreprenurial spirit in which they are able to adjust to a rapidly changing culture.

“We have to be able to position ourselves to produce mass media such as movies,” he said. “This is the only way we can improve portrayals of black people.”

Panelist Dominique Hill agreed and encouraged young people to play an active role in their future.

“The civil right’s movement was organized by college students like you guys,” he said. “It is up to you to make a change.”